social responsibility

At Davcor, we take our social responsibility seriously and are passionate about supporting the needs of disabled children.

We are a major sponsor to Sharecare – A registered charity and Not-for-Profit organisation providing programs for over 250 families caring for a child/young persons with a disability. Davcor came on board as Share Care’s major sponsor to help secure a new Sunshine-Bus to add to their aging fleet of buses.
The access to buses is crucial to provide safe, secure and familiar transport to and from vital programs/emergency overnight respite. Picture what it would be like to have no option but to put your child with a severe intellectual disability and possibly non-verbal, into a strange taxi. Without access to safe, secure and familiar transport, a lot of children and young adults with disabilities would be excluded from vital programs because their parents or carers are not comfortable with the transport arrangements. Nobody wins in this case.
The other area Davcor has assisted Share Care with is Emergency Overnight Respite for parents and carers who provide intensive 24/7 care for their children with special needs. This support allows to provide a circuit breaker, to help stop these parents and carers reach a point where they snap and have no option but to relinquish care of their very special children. Imagine what it would be like to publically admit you can no longer care for your child. This would destroy the life of the whole family forever.
Ofcourse, the support we have the opportunity to offer to Sharecare, would not be possible without the support of our customers, suppliers and the team working at Davcor. We take this opportunity to thank you all.

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